A Empresa

Since 1992, Topeca has operated in the market as an innovative and responsable company, capable of forming close professional relationships with clients.

A dream come true and one of which we are all proud. We do not forget all of those who have been involved in the company and who are part of the success we have achieved over the years.

Set up a united team rowing in the same direction, almost always against the tide and with a tremendous effort to be a company which we want to be part of and where we are not afraid to say that we grew up in difficult times.

A company of portuguese capital which is proud to be Portuguese, proud to work in this country and help it grow.

For better and for worse we are Portuguese.


Every day Topeca works to supply products and services which meet the needs of industry professional working in construction and renovation.

In order to achieve this objective, Topeca was the 1st company in the industry to implement a Quality Management System, certified in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 standard and capable of guaranteeing clients a vast series of products and services with maximum quality.

This process was dealt with by APCER - the Portuguese Certification Association and national organization represented at IQNet - The International Certification Network for certified bodies, world leader in this field.

Supliers are assessed and selected in accordance with a series of characteristics with the aim of ensuring the quality of the raw materials used in the manufacturing process.

Before being accepted, raw materials are carefully analyzed at our laboratoires.

They are stored under controlled conditions in compliance with their respective Security Data Sheets so as to avoid accidents, contamination or even degradation.

Client orders which are made by telephone, fax or e-mail are recorded on our information technology system and those made through our portal www.topecaonline.com are automatically processed to provide an even faster response.

Management of loads is carried out by dedicated software backed up by an optical readout system which allows greater accuracy in the control of loads and the traceability of products.

To guarantee the quality of all our products we employ the latest technology with regard to production and measurement equipment which is regularly submitted to maintenance and calibration procedures.

Tests are carried out to the final product for adherence, compression, bending, capillarity, cure time, rectraction and granulometry so as to ensure conformity.

After this process is complete they are stored under controlled conditions in compliance with their respective Security Data Sheets.



You will speak to professionals who will be available to answer any query you may have, whether about our products or construction processes. We are at your service....


Assistance and daily contact with construction professionals seeking innovative solutions which maximize your skills. Availability of products and delivery service to our distributors.


Continuous training with the aim of improving the technical knowledge of industry professionals and the presentation of innovative solutions for construction.


Our packaging has all the information required to correctly apply the product. We attend all of the most important

color mixer

The ColorMixer allows you to choose the exact colour and shade you need for the tiles you are grouting, making the joints more dynamic and creative.

Bring us a sample of the colour from any catalogue and w'ell adjust the shade making sure that your work is more personalized. For the cement facing of your house, in addition to being able to choose the texture of the finish (smooth, rough, lined, oak bark) you can also choose the colour.

Even if it is not on display at Topeca agents, a sample of the shade can be made in our laboratory for approval and production so that the colour of your walls is exactly as you imagined. Just send us a sample or choose a colour from any catalogue of professional colours.

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