blinds box

non-slip top ruler for blinds

Since 0.06€/1 UNID

reducer top for octagonal tube

Since 0.52€/UNID

reducer top for octagonal tube

Since 0.26€/UNID

shutter shell

Since 0.32€/UNID

blinda box - EPS

Since 26.14€/ML


Since 37.11€/ML

cover - pvc - blind box

Since 9.36€/ML

top - blinds box

Since 1.23€/UNID

plastic boxbox for curtain tape

Since 0.76€/UNID


Since 0.33€/ML

Stop white blind

Since 0.57€/UNID

Stormax Evo polyurethane roller shutter

Since 1.82€/UNID

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