colorless glass block

block of transparent glass - cross19x19x8cm

Since 3.81€/UNID

Transparent glass block- Diamond19x19x8cm

Since 3.81€/UNID

block of transparent glass - Mosaic19x19x8cm

Since 4.07€/UNID

bloque de vidrio mate ondulado

Since 7.06€/UNID

flat glass block

Since 3.89€/UNID

flat matt glass block

Since 8.49€/UNID

glass block parallelo

Since 3.81€/UNID

glass block surf

Since 3.81€/UNID

glass block tartan

Since 3.81€/UNID


Since 3.81€/UNID

Transparent glass block - taco19x19x8cm

Since 19.07€/UNID

Transparent glass block - drop19x19x8

Since 3.81€/UNID

wavy glass block

Since 2.07€/UNID

wavy glass block - 2 sides Terminal

Since 18.71€/UNID

wavy glass block - 90º angle

Since 17.54€/UNID

wavy glass block - halves19x9x8 cm

Since 3.67€/UNID

wavy glass block - Terminal 1 side

Since 14.88€/UNID

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