Network fiberglass, metallic nerve

fibatape cement

Since 5.25€/ROLO

tramaglass 160R131

Since 6.52€/ROLO

polypropylene fibers

Since 2.79€/UNID


Since 8.60€/UNID


Since 48.12€/ROLO

metal fibersConstruction of industrial floors.

Since 2.08€/KG

tape cover 15cmx23m

Since 8.70€/UNID

veil tape

Since 2.36€/UNID

fiberglass net 4x4

Since 3.49€/UNID

fiberglass 1x1mm 75gr/m ²

Since 2.76€/M2

fiberglass 2,4x2,4mm 45g/m²

Since 0.54€/M2

fiberglass 5x5mm 75g/m²

Since 0.54€/M2

fiberglass 3,5x4mm 160g/m²

Since 0.85€/M2

fiberglass net

Since 0.70€/M2

fiberglass 5x5mm 160g/m²

Since 0.81€/M2

fiberglass 6x6mm 330gr/m² tramaglass 330-R275

Since 3.89€/M2

FIBERGLASS NET:10x10mm 90g/m2

Since 0.60€/M2

fiberglass net 10x10mm 110g/m²

Since 0.70€/M2

bridal veil - glass fiber network

Since 1.86€/M2

veil 25gr/m ² velopol25

Since 1.03€/M2

non-woven polypropylene 30gr/m2

Since 0.65€/M2

fiberglass veil 30gr/m2

Since 0.60€/M2

fiberglass veil 50gr/m2

Since 0.60€/M2

metallic fabricfire-resistant coating of metallic structures, suspended ceilings...

Since 5.31€/M2


Since 39.53€/UNID

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