Board applicator

machine to glue bands600ml a day / 2 persons.bucket 20lt

Since 895.75€/UNID

Adjustable T-squareangle adjustable 0 to 360 for transport and storage7mm thick aluminum,...

Since 37.15€/UNID

aligning gaugesimulates the thickness of the plasterboard in assembling the amount p...

Since 53.44€/UNID

Applicator band taper IIand distributes glue, paper tape system tekrollapplies the band on wal...

Since 260.69€/UNID

band tightening rolleraluminum cable 1,4m and jointless stainlessallows the band tightening ...

Since 147.28€/UNID

belt toolholdergenuine leather, various bags, 2 toolholder, 1 ribbon purse

Since 23.00€/UNID

board transporter Lifting and transporting of plates (pair).

Since 23.58€/UNID

Cable 3rd handIt allows you to work aloneAdjustable 1.6 to 2.9 m60kg supports up to ...

Since 47.15€/UNID

car - board transportation To carry up to 10 plates 13mm, passing obstacles and ramps.

Since 233.05€/UNID

compass cut circlespre-cut circular, to finish with simple hammer hitØ max. 400mm

Since 13.84€/UNID

Crown cut circles 3 sawsfor plasterboard, wood and pvccutting depth of 32mmthe drill fitting s...

Since 19.98€/UNID

Crown cut circles 5 sawsfor plasterboard, wood and pvcdepth of cut 30mmthe drill fitting syste...

Since 30.34€/UNID

cutter insulations canalcut2 types of bladecutting all types of insulation such as mineral wool, ...

Since 38.56€/UNID

cutter VarãoØ6mm rod cutting and suspensions Ø4mm

Since 323.67€/UNID

Detector amountsdetects metal amounts, wood and electrical cables behind a plasterboar...

Since 49.20€/UNID

detector screwsfind the hidden screws on plasterboardallows the reuse of gypsum plaqu...

Since 49.52€/UNID

drawer supportIt can be fixed to the beltadapts to any type of tray

Since 24.67€/UNID

expansion gripper

Since 15.99€/UNID

expansion gripper DX

Since 25.24€/UNID

expansion gripper supra-fix

Since 35.41€/UNID

expansion gripper ultra-fix

Since 51.30€/UNID

gage cuttingSimultaneously cut the 2 sides

Since 12.57€/UNID

gripper - carrier of plaquesFor manual transportation of boards.

Since 155.57€/UNID

guillotine cutter metal profileCutting metallic profile especially for streak and amountmaximum width...

Since 1 068.59€/UNID

head adapter - screw drillSpecial Spatulas, philips # 212 included screw headsadapt to any drill

Since 26.31€/UNID

increased tapered drillSheet metal punching and plasticDrilling 4 to 30mm incremented by 2 by...

Since 66.64€/UNID

knife cutter insulations

Since 35.77€/UNID


Since 44.54€/UNID

mini-sawfor plasterboard, aerated concrete, wood panel

Since 14.45€/UNID

nibblingCut metal profile.

Since 53.03€/UNID

paper tape applicatorDistributes and glue the paper tape with ribbon cutting system.

Since 196.63€/UNID

plasterboard bevelleradjustable angle radius of 22 to 45depth adjustable cutting

Since 7.87€/UNID

plasterboard cutting rulerclean cut and perfectly rightmore than 62 cm, measured in mm

Since 51.99€/UNID

plastic drawer33 cm.Container for preparation of the dough.

Since 3.94€/UNID

plier stapler profileunion metal profile; Maximum capacity: 1 + 1 mm

Since 12.29€/UNID

plier stapler profileunion metal profile; Maximum capacity: 1 + 1 mm

Since 10.22€/UNID

pliers automatic staplerunion of all the types and amounts of raysdrill not includedadapts to ...

Since 10.22€/UNID

profile cutterCut rod 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm

Since 1 162.87€/UNID

rasp - plasterboard

Since 5.50€/UNID

sanding trowel

Since 1.98€/UNID

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