angle trowelinterior angle; exterior angle.

Since 13.59€/UNID

angle trowelinterior angle; exterior angle.

Since 14.76€/UNID

brick trowel - round shape20cm

Since 4.91€/UNID

disc eco

Since 4.90€/UNID

formwork scraper

Since 12.52€/UNID

grout applicator - thermal blocks

Since 102.09€/UNID

metal shovel

Since 12.96€/UNID

mini scraper

Since 33.07€/UNID

mixtures board3 downgrades Wheel passage. Shock resistant and weatherproof

Since 329.17€/UNID

mortar spreaderwith or without teeth

Since 12.40€/UNID

plastic bucket

Since 3.62€/UNID

plastic float

Since 5.06€/UNID

rectangular plastic floatsmall; large

Since 5.23€/UNID

riddle1,25mm; 1,85mm; 2,8mm; 4mm; 6,3mm

Since 27.04€/UNID

rubber tub 12L

Since 24.56€/UNID

rubber tub 30L

Since 30.95€/UNID

small brick trowel16cm

Since 7.10€/UNID

small brick trowel - straight tip and sides14cm

Since 8.92€/UNID


Since 1.87€/UNID

sponge 17x10x7cm

Since 1.30€/UNID

sponge trowel

Since 7.96€/UNID

spoon Mason right corners

Since 3.92€/UNID

square trowel20cm

Since 9.04€/UNID

trowel gray rectangular nozzlePS choc, for professionals

Since 4.31€/UNID

trowel gray rectangular plastic

Since 8.35€/UNID

trowel polyurethane

Since 32.35€/UNID

trowel rectangular wood

Since 9.82€/UNID

trowel styrofoamin polystyrene foam

Since 5.35€/UNID

vibrator electric220V, weighs 20 kg, easily detachable for transportaccording to Europe...

Since 1 761.34€/UNID

disc CZ

Since 30.14€/UNID

disc LBH

Since 85.73€/UNID

disc TCS

Since 52.61€/UNID

disc TEH

Since 47.54€/UNID

disco tz

Since 31.70€/UNID

dust eliminator for angle grinder

Since 232.97€/UNID

FUT montolit

Since 123.39€/UNID

glove grinder

Since 68.55€/UNID

montolit 32

Since 169.70€/UNID

normal revival stone

Since 24.43€/UNID

normal revival stone

Since 24.43€/UNID

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