brushcable wood, black bristle, nickel plated ferrule

Since 1.37€/UNID

brush mongoose S-80

Since 2.92€/UNID

brush mongoose S-81

Since 2.73€/UNID

brush mongoose S-82

Since 3.71€/UNID

brush mangoose S-57

Since 10.25€/UNID

MASON BROOMapplying mortar, waterproofing or lime

Since 1.72€/UNID

telescopic extensionends: capsule and conical head;metallic

Since 4.12€/UNID

couplingcoupling for brushes and rollers; 2 ways to engage (male / female); wo...

Since 14.87€/UNID

multipurpose cable

Since 6.09€/UNID

painting utensil holder

Since 15.81€/UNID

whitewash brushapplication mortar

Since 10.30€/UNID

brushcable wood, bristle clear

Since 4.13€/UNID

brushwooden handle, bristle clear

Since 6.43€/UNID

brushwood cable, white bristlefor use on smooth and glazed

Since 7.70€/UNID

brushcable plastic, black bristle, nickel plated ferrule

Since 1.40€/UNID

brushwooden handle, white bristleuse in locations difficult to access, radi...

Since 5.63€/UNID

brush s-29

Since 5.55€/UNID

brush s-28

Since 31.32€/UNID

brush S-13

Since 14.94€/UNID

brush S25

Since 4.21€/UNID

brush s-43

Since 8.09€/UNID

cubrix S-70

Since 4.66€/UNID

brush s-45

Since 15.83€/UNID

brush S-40

Since 5.18€/UNID

brush S44

Since 5.76€/UNID

brush rendix S-72

Since 4.60€/UNID

brush S-74 cubrix

Since 5.36€/UNID

brush velourex S75

Since 6.89€/UNID

brush s-5

Since 22.66€/UNID

brush s-60

Since 4.37€/UNID

brush S73

Since 4.51€/UNID

brush S-76

Since 5.12€/UNID

brush velourex S-71

Since 4.60€/UNID

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