anti drop rollshort polyester fiber 12mm;roll with Ø5cm;Use: walls and ceilings - s...

Since 4.32€/UNID

roller velor with 4.5mm height;Use: enamels and varnishes

Since 5.07€/UNID

roller bee nest foam;Use: textured paint, fine-grained

Since 8.63€/UNID

roller polyamide coat with 20mm high;Use: irregular surfaces, brick, block, s...

Since 6.32€/UNID

lint free roller

Since 6.27€/UNID

roller PRO short microfiber Ø50mm

Since 6.21€/UNID

roller excelence

Since 6.72€/UNID

roller poro 1

Since 8.78€/UNID

roller pro 60mm alcochoado

Since 11.81€/UNID

roller PRO cubrix revolution

Since 7.11€/UNID

roller pro flocado

Since 3.06€/UNID

roller pro negra poro 0

Since 12.04€/UNID

roller PRO velourex Ø50mm

Since 6.22€/UNID

roller PRO velours Ø5cm

Since 6.45€/UNID

roller sponge corner

Since 10.65€/UNID

roller super felpo

Since 7.15€/UNID

roller wavy ceilings

Since 35.50€/UNID

lint-free roller Short fiber polyester;use: small areas or areas with difficult access

Since 2.77€/UNID

roller pro flocado

Since 1.33€/UNID

lacquer roller velor with 4.5mm heightUse: enamels and varnishes

Since 2.77€/UNID

mini roller pore 0 super thin 11cm

Since 1.21€/UNID

mini roller flocado 11cm

Since 1.21€/UNID

mini roller poro3 11cm

Since 1.21€/UNID

mini roller microfibra excellence 10cm

Since 1.21€/UNID

mini roller antigota super 10cm

Since 1.21€/UNID

mini roller velours 10cm

Since 1.21€/UNID

mini roller velourex 10cm

Since 1.21€/UNID

mini roller bicolor 10cm

Since 1.18€/PACK

roller Ø6mm 11cm

Since 1.21€/UNID

special mini roll grids

Since 9.58€/UNID

mini cutter roll microfiber excellence

Since 2.58€/UNID

double frame VARI2

Since 12.88€/UNID

interlaced fur roller

Since 45.01€/UNID

roller adapterAdjustable to the length of the roll.

Since 60.33€/UNID

roller pro super suelo Ø50mm

Since 8.43€/UNID

roller PRO especial suelos Ø50mm

Since 6.32€/UNID

special roller finishing floors

Since 6.29€/UNID

roller nozzle Ø70mm

Since 27.15€/UNID

hostalen disc roller

Since 19.79€/UNID

metal disc roller

Since 17.11€/UNID

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