microcement trowel

Since 31.28€/UNID

support tools

Since 3.94€/UNID

trowel estuco

Since 23.32€/UNID

sponge trowel - wooden cable

Since 12.05€/UNID

trowel sponge / scouring - plastic handle - wooden support

Since 12.25€/UNID

scouring trowelthin; thick

Since 8.02€/UNID


Since 17.79€/UNID

angle scouring trowel

Since 17.79€/UNID

angle trowelinterior angle; exterior angle.

Since 34.00€/UNID

plastic trowel

Since 10.86€/UNID

stainless steel trowel

Since 5.31€/UNID

stainless steel trowel - large

Since 14.82€/UNID

stainless steel trowel - 2 hands

Since 37.50€/UNID


Since 37.10€/UNID

angle trowelinterior angle; exterior angle.

Since 13.05€/UNID

nails trowel - large330x250

Since 54.99€/UNID

scraper 240x140small teeth; large teeth.

Since 15.71€/UNID


Since 16.30€/UNID

scraper rechargesmall teeth; large teeth.

Since 7.84€/UNID

monolayer scrapersmall: 150x70; large: 240x140

Since 10.39€/UNID

monolayer scraper

Since 12.57€/UNID

scraper comb

Since 14.13€/UNID

plaster trowel

Since 23.41€/UNID

plaster trowel

Since 17.64€/UNID

plaster trowel

Since 19.67€/UNID

plaster trowel

Since 21.75€/UNID

plaster trowel

Since 13.48€/UNID

plaster trowel

Since 18.15€/UNID

plaster knife - 1 curve

Since 3.22€/UNID

plaster knife - 1 large curve

Since 3.22€/UNID

plaster knife - 2 curves

Since 3.22€/UNID

plaster knife - rectangular

Since 3.22€/UNID

spatula - mod.A15mm; 20mm; 25mm.

Since 11.88€/UNID

spatula - mod.B15mm; 20mm; 25mm.

Since 11.88€/UNID


Since 33.62€/ROLO

INSULATING TAPE - PLASTIFIEDlength 33mplasticizedadheres to sanded, rough supports

Since 7.08€/UNID

mason pick

Since 22.48€/UNID

plaster axe

Since 27.05€/UNID

plastering machine - tyrolean

Since 5.19€/UNID

cut box - U shape

Since 13.21€/UNID

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