aluminium rule - beveled1,5m; 2m

Since 19.11€/UNID

aluminium rule - telescopic2m a 3,4m

Since 49.48€/UNID

aluminium ruler - adjustable2m

Since 43.84€/UNID

aluminium ruler - H form - closed profile1,5m; 2m; 2,5m

Since 26.09€/UNID

aluminium ruler - H form - opened profile1,5m; 2m; 2,5m

Since 12.02€/UNID

aluminium ruler - rectangular1m; 2m; 2,5m; 3m.

Since 11.64€/UNID

aluminium ruler - square40 - 2m; 50 - 2,5m.

Since 19.15€/UNID

notched aluminium ruler - H form - opened profile1,8m

Since 66.00€/UNID

rule with level2m

Since 53.16€/UNID

scrape rule - I form1,2m

Since 9.36€/UNID

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