scraper nº6 - nozzle blade

Since 8.73€/UNID

scraper - parallel bladesflat: nº2 e nº4; with teeth: n3 e nº5

Since 8.73€/UNID

scraper - round bladenº7; nº8; nº9; nº11; nº12; nº13; nº14

Since 8.73€/UNID

scraper - flat Z-bladesnº15; nº17; nº19; nº21; nº23; nº25; nº27; nº29; nº31; nº33

Since 6.25€/UNID

scraper - Z-blades with teethnº16; nº18; nº20; nº24; nº28; nº32

Since 8.73€/UNID

large scraper - z-blades with teeth

Since 20.07€/UNID


Since 48.45€/UNID

french drag

Since 48.56€/UNID

french drag

Since 61.73€/UNID

cornice scraper

Since 14.44€/UNID

scraper - remove edges

Since 29.85€/UNID

grill scraper

Since 17.53€/UNID

scraper - 8 blades

Since 16.19€/UNID


Since 24.44€/UNID


Since 34.72€/UNID

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