molds / stamps

textured rollerTextured roller for marked flooring.

Since 492.68€/UNID

mold - london cobble43,1 x 73,6. Super flexible.

Since 276.20€/UNID

mold - european fan 66x116,8 cm

Since 313.51€/UNID

mold - ashlar cut stone58,4x58,4 cm

Since 497.14€/UNID

mold - random stone76.2 X76, 2. Should choose the blue, yellow and red, molds with the sa...

Since 530.01€/UNID

appian cobble large stone CS 500

Since 777.80€/UNID

appian cobble large stone CS 400

Since 438.93€/UNID

mold - wood planking60cm

Since 229.91€/UNID

mold - cedar wood planking60cm

Since 165.72€/UNID

mold - stone skin FM - 9000 / 9001 / 9002

Since 44.28€/UNID

mold - stone skin FM - 9006 / 9007 / 9008

Since 229.91€/UNID

mold - hherring bone used brick FM 500066x91,4cm

Since 600.17€/UNID

mold - running bond used brick FM 510066x91,4cm

Since 444.88€/UNID

mold - basket weave used brick FM 520066x91,4cm

Since 530.01€/UNID

mold - garden stone60,9x60,9 cm

Since 603.13€/UNID

mold - wall MC11

Since 455.36€/UNID

mold - wall MC201

Since 262.76€/UNID

mold cut stone border FM 122520,3x86,3

Since 201.55€/UNID

mold - single used brick10,1x20,3

Since 79.14€/UNID

mold - used brick corner FM 540010,1x20,3

Since 165.72€/UNID

tile border TM 1020

Since 592.70€/UNID

mold - new brick border FM 532510,1x20,3

Since 335.89€/UNID

used brick runner FM 560010,1x20,3

Since 201.55€/UNID

mold - basket weave used brick FM 535010,1x20,3

Since 249.32€/UNID

mold - textured jointtextured joint to stamped concrete: 2,5x165,1cm

Since 42.75€/UNID

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