bucket for floor roll PRO 45cm

Since 15.76€/UNID

compactor pack

Since 30.70€/UNID

floor finish scraper for large surfaces 70cm

Since 49.20€/UNID

floor roller rfill microfibra excellence PRO Ø50mm 45cm

Since 6.83€/UNID

floor roller rfill PRO Ø50mm 45cm

Since 7.77€/UNID

floor roller rfill super felpo PRO Ø50mm 45cm

Since 10.16€/UNID

roller knee support EDMA258555

Since 120.40€/UNID

roller nozzle Ø70mm

Since 26.06€/UNID

roller PRO especial suelos Ø50mm

Since 6.06€/UNID

roller pro super suelo Ø50mm

Since 8.09€/UNID

self-leveling squeegee

Since 11.91€/UNID

soles with tips

Since 18.13€/PAR

spare aerator roller Ø70mm 45cm

Since 30.80€/UNID

special roller finishing floors

Since 6.04€/UNID

support for floor rollers 45cm

Since 33.00€/UNID

mortar spreaderwith or without teeth

Since 11.91€/UNID

mortar spreaderwith or without teeth

Since 75.42€/UNID

mortar spreader

Since 67.58€/UNID

thickness regulatorJust threading to set leveling.

Since 30.73€/UNID


Since 433.73€/UNID


Since 32.99€/UNID

leveling barTo regularize self-leveling.

Since 124.14€/UNID

air release brushesTo eliminate air bubbles on self-leveling.

Since 205.85€/UNID

trowel - pointed tip

Since 31.35€/UNID

trowel - pointed tip

Since 197.22€/UNID

pointed trowel

Since 25.06€/UNID


Since 25.24€/UNID


Since 61.06€/UNID

oval trowelAvoids markings due to its oval shape.

Since 77.01€/UNID

trowel - califórniaHigh performance, to adapt cable.

Since 232.46€/UNID


Since 32.20€/UNID

trowel - magnesium cable to applySuper lightweight trowel to adapt extensible cable. Highest yield.

Since 435.28€/UNID

trowel - magnesiumPerfect grinding of fresh cement flooring. Super lightweight.

Since 71.22€/UNID

kraftool CC665 / CC666

Since 47.15€/UNID

kraftool CC697 / CC696

Since 55.78€/UNID

kraftool CC800 / CC676

Since 44.34€/UNID

coupling to extension cable

Since 243.59€/UNID

kraftool 360º

Since 29.24€/UNID

kraftool CC286 / CC285

Since 32.80€/UNID

extension cable

Since 71.51€/UNID

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