krafttoll CC289 / CC289S / CC289SB

Since 50.39€/UNID

kraftool CC674 / CC675

Since 22.69€/UNID

textured mosaic markerFor texturing fresh concrete floors. Makes non-slip concrete.

Since 144.81€/UNID

textured marker pointsmetal roll for texturing fresh concrete floors. Makes non-slip concret...

Since 144.81€/UNID

break edges To fresh concrete. Eliminator alive corners.

Since 6.65€/UNID

krafttools CF112

Since 51.65€/UNID

kraftools CF131

Since 56.88€/UNID

half round trowelTo perform half-round in footers.

Since 56.65€/UNID

half round trowel

Since 72.48€/UNID

step molds25x25cm

Since 7.18€/UNID

iron for concrete jointsiron to score and improve concrete joints.

Since 36.57€/UNID

gougeFor marked / textured flooring.

Since 40.29€/UNID

cutoff trowel - bronzeFor marked concrete. Creates an expansion joint cut.

Since 97.05€/UNID

abrasive trowelTo wear decorative flooring.

Since 49.25€/UNID

scatter tub

Since 85.47€/UNID


Since 15.15€/UNID

primer brush

Since 13.14€/UNID

mixer can stirrer

Since 56.00€/UNID

mixer can stirrer smaller

Since 85.39€/UNID

cartridge stirrer

Since 56.00€/UNID

mixing propeller

Since 45.53€/UNID

MIXER mixer for barrels

Since 108.07€/UNID

mixer cesto

Since 34.33€/UNID

mixer circular

Since 26.68€/UNID

mixer helicoidal

Since 26.68€/UNID

mixer force

Since 89.00€/UNID

comb supportspatula support 1 blade, 28cm comb

Since 37.02€/UNID


Since 29.41€/UNID

tooth trowel

Since 31.80€/UNID


Since 14.92€/UNID

trowelCan adapt coupling, with 56 cm and clamp to secure 2 blades, 28cm com...

Since 65.68€/UNID

stick holder

Since 11.80€/UNID

coating spatula

Since 28.75€/UNID


Since 30.38€/UNID

floor finish scraper

Since 123.16€/UNID

large-surface jaggy-scraper

Since 21.67€/UNID

floor finish scraper for large surfaces

Since 156.48€/UNID

toothed rubber squeegee support

Since 49.31€/UNID

soles with tipes

Since 0.81€/UNID

nozzle rollerFor self-leveling and painting.

Since 43.71€/UNID

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