nozzle rollerFor self-leveling and painting.

Since 146.30€/UNID

splash guard for rollers

Since 14.66€/UNID

roller cleaning box

Since 55.18€/UNID

roller adapterAdjustable to the length of the roll.

Since 55.03€/UNID

interlaced fur roller

Since 41.05€/UNID

roll to vinylAssist in the bonding of layers of pvc or other coatings.

Since 23.33€/UNID

roller - grooved polyamide

Since 21.51€/UNID

roller - grooved teflon

Since 56.16€/UNID

hostalen disc roller

Since 18.06€/UNID

lamination roller

Since 13.30€/UNID

metal disc roller

Since 15.60€/UNID

roller mini disc

Since 13.79€/UNID

flexible airing roller

Since 37.43€/UNID

black nylon bristles

Since 35.31€/UNID

textured rollerTextured roller for marked flooring.

Since 492.68€/UNID

kraft tools CC956

Since 452.36€/UNID

decorative whelFor joints of marked concrete.

Since 103.00€/UNID

picks up tiles, blocks and tags

Since 62.14€/UNID

montolit 16 and 16-40

Since 266.87€/UNID

montolit blockut

Since 587.15€/UNID

montolit 3STR

Since 2 500.59€/UNID

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