CLEANING JOINTS MACHINEMachine with sponge roller for cleaning the joints.

Since 8.18€/LT

Gel knee pads

Since 32.40€/UNID

Pillow carpet does not come off, without glued parts

Since 47.48€/UNID

professional knee pads

Since 3.27€/UNID

professional knee pads

Since 21.88€/UNID

Simple knee pads

Since 3.27€/UNID

sponge rollerReplacement sponge roller for electroesponja.

Since 98.30€/UNID

roller knee support EDMA258555

Since 125.42€/UNID

sponge trowel

Since 7.96€/UNID

sponge squeegeeto adapt a cable

Since 12.40€/UNID

sponge trowel rechargeabletrowel for cleaning and finishing together. It also allows scouring to...

Since 8.06€/UNID

sponge trowel - wooden cable

Since 12.56€/UNID

trowel sponge / scouring - plastic handle - wooden support

Since 7.37€/UNID


Since 2.44€/UNID

skipper traycleaning bucket for the tiler and plasterer

Since 93.06€/UNID

tray with drainercleaning bucket for the tiler and plasterer

Since 292.11€/UNID


Since 8.18€/LT

cleaning trowel

Since 3.37€/UNID

joint scraper

Since 7.64€/UNID


Since 5.89€/UNID

trowel for jointsPlastic handle, semi-hard rubber.

Since 8.67€/UNID

economic mousse grouting trowel

Since 6.29€/UNID

rubber trowel foam

Since 9.45€/UNID

mousse floor grouter

Since 4.05€/UNID

plastic squeegee with wooden handle

Since 6.86€/UNID

aluminium handle

Since 12.40€/UNID

joints aplicator - pistol

Since 3.44€/SACO


Since 11.00€/UNID

grouting bag

Since 9.82€/UNID

Multi-material seam pocket

Since 15.25€/SACO

joint scraper with wheels

Since 34.53€/UNID

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