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Anti-espuma liquid for adding to cleaning water used in cleaning machines. With Anti-espuma liquid, a far greater area can be cleaned with the same amount of water due to the fact that the tank does not fill with the foam usually generated by the additives found in mortar products. Avoids wasted time caused by the repeated changing of water because of the amount of foam generated in the tanks of electrical cleaning machines.

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Price with tax
Designation Stock Unit price with tax IVA Unit. Pack Box Pallet
LIQUID ANTI-FOAM 5 L 6.65€ / LT 23.00% 8.18€ / LT 40.90€ / 5LT - -
LIQUID ANTI-FOAM 1 L 16.35€ / LT 23.00% 20.11€ / 1LT - -

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