formwork scraper

Since 12.02€/UNID

mini scraper

Since 31.75€/UNID

floor finish scraper

Since 129.64€/UNID

large-surface jaggy-scraper

Since 22.82€/UNID

mortar mixer eibenstock MXT 100.1

Since 257.22€/UNID

Bucket carFor mixing fluids. With anti-dust cover, transport wheels, bucket tilt...

Since 78.11€/UNID

mortar mixermonophasic

Since 25.89€/UNID

mixersfor mixing mortar

Since 9.82€/UNID

rotating machine with carMulti-function machine.

Since 2 198.45€/UNID

edge to adapt trowelsEdge to adapt the different trowels and discs to the rotating machine.

Since 16.49€/UNID

spatulas discDisc with rubber spatulas to grouting joints Ø500mm.

Since 377.15€/UNID

disk to smooth screeds

Since 36.15€/UNID

mops suport discDisc used to support the mops and sponges.

Since 212.15€/UNID

mopsfor rotating machine

Since 32.99€/UNID

sponge disc - brownØ40-47cm

Since 12.76€/UNID

sponge disc - orangeØ40-47 cm

Since 61.28€/UNID

double door side base discs

Since 11.96€/UNID

grid disk silicon carbidewood trim and other

Since 15.33€/UNID

double face metal disc tungsten carbide

Since 175.35€/UNID

nylon disc brushes Ø450mm

Since 158.73€/UNID

vegetable fiber disk cedra disc for application of waxes

Since 235.72€/UNID

abrasive brush disc Disc with abrasive blades for brushing and cleaning Ø450mm.

Since 817.16€/UNID

steel disc brushWire brush disc for brushing and deep cleaning Ø440mm.

Since 235.72€/UNID

plastic depositReservoir for introduction of detergents or acid.

Since 180.71€/UNID

weightsto increase efficiency in wear

Since 73.85€/UNID

basis for various abrasive tools

Since 7.77€/UNID

silicon carbide sanding discfor thinning

Since 6.45€/UNID

stone type cup silicon carbide

Since 16.67€/UNID

tungsten carbide stone

Since 83.14€/UNID

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