FTJ montolit

Since 56.99€/UNID

FTS montolit

Since 169.44€/UNID

FUT montolit

Since 112.55€/UNID

glove grinder

Since 63.17€/UNID

goalevo 300-85EVO montolit

Since 955.56€/UNID

lift montolit 300-80L

Since 319.48€/UNID

liftile montolit

Since 22 930.89€/UNID

M-performer montolit

Since 22.52€/UNID

masterpiuma P3 evolution montolit

Since 45.04€/UNID

MFL2 moto flash line 2 montolit

Since 1 439.10€/UNID


Since 61.16€/UNID

mondrillo montolit

Since 283.50€/UNID

mondrillo PE115GG / PE115GF

Since 87.64€/UNID

mondrillo STL

Since 129.37€/UNID

montolit 25V

Since 38.86€/UNID

montolit 33W

Since 62.67€/UNID

montolit 3STR

Since 2 500.59€/UNID

montolit 905evo2

Since 318.04€/UNID

montolit blockut

Since 587.15€/UNID

mortar mixer eibenstock MXT 100.1

Since 244.36€/UNID

MU montolit

Since 64.39€/UNID

normal revival stone

Since 22.52€/UNID

normal revival stone

Since 22.52€/UNID

piuma basic montolit

Since 377.04€/UNID

Precision angle 1/25e

Since 18.15€/UNID

self-leveling squeegee

Since 11.32€/UNID

square tile

Since 65.84€/UNID

Standard level rectangular

Since 21.49€/UNID

Straight square and miter blade steel heel plastic

Since 11.54€/UNID

superlift montolit 300-70SL MOB

Since 319.48€/UNID

toprofile montolit

Since 217.53€/UNID

tungsten caribide abrasive disc

Since 34.34€/UNID

Parrot's beak plierfor holes and cutting nozzles

Since 34.46€/UNID

Front cutting plierFor straight cuts, perpendicular or parallel. High precision cutting.

Since 33.70€/UNID

cutting plierscratch and fissure quickly and ceramic precision even harder. Very so...

Since 17.00€/UNID

plier stoneware

Since 21.21€/UNID

Brick carborundumFor roughing and a perfect finish after cutting ceramics.

Since 21.35€/UNID

Copier mold For perfect cuts. Copies complex contours for further cutting of ceram...

Since 33.12€/UNID

professional knee pads

Since 2.98€/UNID

Simple knee pads

Since 2.98€/UNID

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