maintenance and renovation: house, pool and vehicles

easy cover V33

Since 36.01€/UNID


Since 14.49€/LT

filaps87 - fila

Since 26.51€/UNID

kitchen furniture

Since 38.65€/UNID

tiles renovation

Since 38.65€/UNID

cleaner glasses heat exchangersRemove any dirt on glasses of heat exchangers. Also used in kitchen ap...

Since 5.23€/UNID

domestic degreaserDegreasing ready for use. Cleaning of counters, metal furniture, filte...

Since 2.77€/UNID

oil and grease removerCleaning of industrial floors, engine parts, ...

Since 6.33€/UNID

plunger pipes - liquid acidPlunger to pipes and drains. Immediate effect.

Since 9.50€/UNID

plunger pipes Solvent mud, grease and paper. unclogging collectors fat, skeptical fo...

Since 10.53€/UNID

wash hands - industrialRemove all dirt. Contains no abrasive substances. Protects the skin.

Since 9.10€/UNID

hand washing paste - microspheresContains substances for softening the skin. Remove all types of dirt.

Since 4.40€/UNID

chlorine tabletsHighly stabilized and slow action.

Since 34.01€/UNID

subtracter ph

Since 14.92€/UNID

enhancer ph

Since 13.96€/UNID

invernador - waters of pools

Since 42.69€/UNID

refill kit test - chlorine and ph

Since 3.67€/UNID

test kit - chlorine and ph

Since 11.86€/UNID

disinfectant tablets, funficida and flocculantHighly stabilized and slow action.

Since 36.51€/UNID

auto rinse aid - tires and plasticReturns the new look to tires and bumpers. Does not attack the paint. ...

Since 5.61€/UNID

rinse aid dashboardIt dries fast. Antistatic.

Since 5.89€/UNID

auto shampoo concentrateManual car washing. Biodegradable. Degreasing.

Since 8.28€/UNID


Since 124.28€/UNID

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