Bushings and anchors

ring with metallic bushing40kg/mm2

Since 0.74€/UNID

anchoring metallic expansion - external thread For medium to heavy loads, fixing in concrete and hard materials.

Since 40.77€/CAIXA

DX tabbed docking ø

Since 31.34€/CAIXA

Fast galvanized link

Since 0.30€/UNID

female bushingMetal expansion anchor with internal thread for medium loads, fixing c...

Since 17.49€/CAIXA

Galvanized carabiner with screw

Since 0.36€/UNID

galvanized shackletipo Europeo

Since 23.37€/100 UNID

galvanized stretcher

Since 1.06€/UNID

hook with metallic bushing 40kg/mm2

Since 0.74€/UNID

hook with swivel Nickel

Since 9.84€/100 UNID

plastic bushing

Since 1.19€/SACO

plastic sleeve NYMExpansion, insulating, anti-rotation. Requires long screw bushing + ma...

Since 11.12€/SACO

plastic sleeve - NYX Expansion quadruple insulating, anti-rotation and flanged anti-penetra...

Since 5.88€/SACO

Round mobile hook with spring

Since 1.29€/UNID

ZK anchor bolt holeAnchoring and assembly of small loads in hollow or massive walls.

Since 55.49€/CAIXA

ZK dockingAnchoring and mounting of small loads in solid and hollow walls.

Since 34.69€/CAIXA

Bric 6.8

Since 22.76€/CAIXA

helical fastener

Since 4.44€/CAIXA

universal anchor Bric Pino

Since 39.79€/CAIXA

chimical bush - CHEM PSFbicomponent polyester resin based

Since 9.85€/UNID

chimical bush - CHEM TQDbicomponent based on epoxy resin

Since 9.56€/UNID

plastic sieve - chemical bushing

Since 0.58€/UNID

Mixing canula

Since 1.65€/UNID

universal anchor Bric 8.8

Since 24.48€/CAIXA

anchor Bric Inox A2

Since 86.99€/CAIXA

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