universal sheet anchors

Bric 6.8

Since 24.94€/CAIXA

universal anchor Bric Pino

Since 18.62€/CAIXA

universal anchor Bric 8.8

Since 23.38€/CAIXA

anchor Bric Inox A2

Since 69.30€/CAIXA

universal anchor Bric inviolable

Since 9.25€/CAIXA

ring with metallic bushing40kg/mm2

Since 21.78€/CAIXA

Bric metal bushing with hook 40kg/mm2

Since 0.95€/UNID

Bric metal bushing closed clamp

Since 34.72€/CAIXA

Bric metal bushing open clamp

Since 41.27€/CAIXA

Bric bushing stainless steel A2

Since 200.13€/CAIXA

Bric bushing open clamp Inox A2

Since 246.76€/CAIXA

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