Cutting and thinning discs

abrasive disc

Since 1.33€/UNID

diamond disc - rim continues

Since 29.29€/UNID

diamond disc- rim segmented

Since 33.75€/UNID

disc eco

Since 4.90€/UNID

diamond grinding wheel PUSA segments

Since 112.26€/UNID

diamond grinding wheel PUSC segments

Since 112.27€/UNID

diamond grinding wheel turbo

Since 158.81€/UNID

disc LX DNA evo3

Since 110.09€/UNID

disc LX DNA evo3 m

Since 230.01€/UNID

disc turbo TXH DNA evo3

Since 98.09€/UNID

disc CBX230 DNA evo3

Since 66.11€/UNID

disc CPH montolit

Since 83.62€/UNID

disc CZ

Since 30.14€/UNID

disc LXA DNA evo3

Since 431.27€/UNID

disc SCX DNA evo3

Since 164.94€/UNID

disc SX DNA evo3

Since 591.04€/UNID

disc SXA DNA evo3

Since 577.60€/UNID

disc TCS

Since 52.61€/UNID

disc TEH

Since 47.54€/UNID

disco tz

Since 31.70€/UNID

dust eliminator for angle grinder

Since 232.97€/UNID

FPS montolit

Since 169.78€/UNID

FPU montolit

Since 147.48€/UNID

FPUS6 montolit

Since 99.41€/UNID

glove grinder

Since 68.55€/UNID

mondrillo PE115GG / PE115GF

Since 96.09€/UNID

mondrillo STL

Since 141.84€/UNID

normal revival stone

Since 24.43€/UNID

normal revival stone

Since 24.43€/UNID

tungsten caribide abrasive disc

Since 37.26€/UNID

wood cutting disc

Since 73.23€/UNID

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