Hot glue and staplers

hotmelt glue - transparent

Since 95.10€/KG

brad AX1,2

Since 8.13€/UNID

brad nº8

Since 7.01€/UNID

electric stapler ECO TAK 53/14

Since 152.83€/UNID

glue applicator AC-380 C

Since 26.21€/UNID

glue applicator EC-360

Since 14.33€/UNID

glue blister

Since 5.23€/CAIXA

manual stapler AT-53/14

Since 34.71€/UNID

manual stapler AT-53/8

Since 20.34€/UNID

manual stapler DUOTAK 53/10

Since 50.77€/UNID

manual stapler MULTITAK 4x1

Since 86.42€/UNID

pins n.9

Since 7.01€/UNID

pneumatic stapler B12

Since 221.60€/UNID

pneumatic stapler G80

Since 224.86€/UNID

professional glue applicator 612

Since 391.29€/UNID

staples nº88

Since 7.01€/UNID

staples nº53

Since 6.33€/UNID

staples line nº80

Since 6.06€/UNID

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