Screws and nail

Drill screw ring

Since 24.16€/CAIXA

Drill screw ring

Since 66.26€/CAIXA

screw drill HATSIM Mounting plate directly on concrete. Double threaded. Anti corrosion t...

Since 87.11€/CAIXA

screw drill - cement boardHardened steel ISO 15482. For joining boards of wood or cement fiber b...

Since 33.68€/CAIXA

twisted nail with washer

Since 5.98€/KG

upside screws accessory for tightening. PHILIPS 2

Since 0.59€/UNID

wood screw

Since 11.92€/CAIXA

wood screw- partial thread

Since 10.44€/CAIXA

DIN 7504-K Ø6,3 x 32 mm

Since 0.15€/1 UNID

self-drilling screw in stainless steel AISI304 irius head

Since 63.09€/UNID

flat head drill screw

Since 11.53€/CAIXA

CPL nail reinforced in galvanized steel

Since 4.50€/CAIXA

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