sealants, silicones, mastics and joint cord

polyurethane mastic for fixing tiles ONDUFLEX

Since 8.79€/UNID

soudaseal HY15

Since 8.28€/UNID

cord - polystyrene for filling joints and expansion joints.

Since 0.15€/1 ML

sealing cord applicator for joints

Since 157.71€/UNID

silicone sealant - polyurethaneAdheres to damp surfaces. Can be painted.

Since 5.36€/UNID

chemical nail acrylic adhesive without solvents, does not attack expanded polystyren...

Since 3.78€/UNID

DS sanitarySealing exposed to moisture.deformation between 500% and 800%.with fun...

Since 2.62€/UNID

DS construction resists UV rays.deformation between 500% and 800%.with fungicide.

Since 2.61€/UNID

desa MS can be applied under water.625% elasticity.resists UV rays.can be pain...

Since 6.68€/UNID

sikaswell s2

Since 38.61€/UNID

pvc adhesive - without pressure

Since 3.21€/UNID

pvc adhesive - with pressure

Since 3.10€/UNID

universal gluegluing carpet, linoleum, vinyl and pvc on ceramics, wood, concrete, br...

Since 8.66€/KG

glue for marble

Since 35.82€/UNID

bitumen for wood

Since 4.38€/UNID

epoxy putty

Since 10.44€/UNID

instantaneous glue - ciano

Since 6.17€/UNID

glue to glass fiber

Since 10.30€/UNID

sealant - high temperatureresistant to moisture.supports up to 280 º C.elastic.

Since 10.27€/UNID

refractory mass - calofer

Since 6.05€/UNID

chimical bush - CHEM TQDbicomponent based on epoxy resin

Since 9.56€/UNID

chimical bush - CHEM PSFbicomponent polyester resin based

Since 9.85€/UNID

plastic sieve - chemical bushing

Since 0.58€/UNID

Mixing canula

Since 1.65€/UNID

expanding polyurethane foamfixation, caulking, filling, thermal insulator.expands 20 to 40L depen...

Since 7.07€/UNID

pistol for silicone

Since 3.87€/UNID

joints aplicator - pistol

Since 9.70€/UNID

pistol for silicone

Since 14.74€/UNID

pistol for silicone

Since 58.39€/UNID

pistol for silicone

Since 332.35€/UNID

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