refractory mass - calofer

Since 5.14€/UNID

bitumen for wood

Since 3.68€/UNID

cord - polystyrene for filling joints and expansion joints.

Since 0.16€/1 ML

glue for marble

Since 40.90€/UNID

instantaneous glue - ciano

Since 1.34€/UNID

joints aplicator - pistol

Since 3.44€/SACO

pistol for silicone

Since 4.43€/UNID

pvc adhesive - with pressure soudal 42A

Since 4.50€/UNID

sealant - high temperatureresistant to moisture.supports up to 280 º C.elastic.

Since 9.40€/UNID

soudal 82A epoxy

Since 5.55€/UNID

universal gluegluing carpet, linoleum, vinyl and pvc on ceramics, wood, concrete, br...

Since 5.52€/KG

acrylic sealant for wood soudal

Since 3.74€/UNID

adapter soudal click&fix to compact

Since 10.74€/UNID

compact foam click & fix soudal

Since 31.34€/UNID

compact foam gun soudal

Since 31.34€/UNID

design foam click&fix soudal

Since 62.69€/UNID

design foam gun soudal

Since 58.20€/UNID

draaibare spuitmond

Since 3.43€/SACO

gasketseal soudal

Since 8.57€/UNID

gun soudal 103265

Since 59.70€/UNID

mixer soudal

Since 4.78€/SACO

multi tool soudal

Since 3.63€/UNID

multibond 35 soudal

Since 6.95€/UNID

nozzle with cap soudal

Since 2.84€/SACO

pistol for silicone

Since 379.59€/UNID

pistol for silicone

Since 3.44€/SACO

purocol express soudal

Since 9.48€/UNID

remover silicone soudal

Since 8.25€/UNID

repacryl D soudal

Since 3.74€/UNID

safety cutter soudal

Since 14.19€/UNID

silicone universal soudal

Since 3.16€/UNID

silirub color soudal

Since 5.62€/UNID

silirub N soudal

Since 4.87€/UNID

silirub P2 soudal

Since 7.61€/UNID

smothening tool soudal soudaglatt

Since 5.67€/UNID

soudacryl FF

Since 2.62€/UNID

soudacryl ST

Since 2.62€/UNID

soudafix CA 1400 soudal

Since 8.86€/UNID

soudafix P 300 SF soudal

Since 10.34€/UNID

soudafix SB

Since 4.85€/UNID

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