tools and accessories


Since 5.41€/UNID


Since 5.94€/UNID

chain galvanized steel

Since 47.48€/ROLO

clamp buckle

Since 0.73€/CAIXA

clamp inox Stainless strap 20x2mm for fixing heavy tubes.

Since 157.37€/CAIXA

clamping plateelectrolytic galvanized steel DIN 741 for cable connections

Since 6.13€/CAIXA

concentrated colorant pasteWater-based Color to chooseAdd up to 10%

Since 2.94€/UNID


Since 7.69€/UNID

drillDrill SDS-PLUS, high quality steel. Drilling in concrete, stone and bu...

Since 5.30€/UNID

galvanized steel cable

Since 81.83€/ROLO

Hydrochloric acid 33%

Since 12.50€/UNID

isophonic clampSteel strap 2 mm thick, for clamping heavy pipes.

Since 61.06€/CAIXA

Liquid caustic soda 50%

Since 9.74€/UNID


Since 136.26€/UNID

methylene chloride

Since 11.73€/UNID

Nitric acid 60%

Since 13.95€/UNID

stainless steel cable

Since 180.05€/ROLO

steel cable with plastic coating

Since 48.66€/ROLO

sulfuric acid 98%

Since 29.72€/UNID

teflon tape

Since 0.33€/ROLO

white and red chain

Since 51.46€/ROLO

Zinc plated mobile swivel

Since 1.67€/UNID

fixing stairs to vehicles

Since 122.67€/UNID

support bikes

Since 9.03€/UNID

support tools

Since 4.10€/UNID

Sheet metal

Since 200.21€/UNID

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