Packaging Products

Automatic stretch filmFor machine.

Since 4.55€/KG

baldes de plástico

Since 1.02€/UNID

big bagNot reusable, 4 handles 25 cm. Maximum load 1300kg.

Since 10.38€/UNID

black manual stretch film

Since 12.92€/ROLO

fist to stretch film

Since 11.44€/UNID

frasco e jerrican plástico

Since 1.48€/UNID

granulated/ triturated polystyrene-- recycled

Since 29.64€/SACO

latas com bocal

Since 1.98€/UNID

manga / membrane - vapor barrierManga (open 4m) for vapor barrier (story house)

Since 3.63€/KG

manual stretch filmroll 2,4kg

Since 4.00€/KG

multiuse protective plasticroll with 1,6m width

Since 5.41€/KG

pallet protective plastic 240x160 cmPlastic cover to put on top of the pallets for protection ou...

Since 2.87€/UNID

sacos plástico incolor

Since 7.11€/KG

air coil

Since 92.25€/UNID


Since 9.30€/UNID

Jerrican sheet metal

Since 6.26€/UNID

Sheet metal

Since 210.74€/UNID

transparent adhesive tape5 cm wide

Since 1.61€/UNID

transparent adhesive tape5 cm wide

Since 2.82€/UNID

glue tape dispenser

Since 16.64€/UNID

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