Marking Materials

aerosol tracerprofessional use, fluorescent. Adheres to damp support, resistant to w...

Since 11.70€/UNID

permanent markerbeveled = 3 different traits (5.5mm, 3.7mm and 1mm)

Since 4.48€/UNID


Since 1.28€/UNID

chalk 2

Since 1.37€/CAIXA


Since 1.45€/UNID

thread markermetallic wire Ø1,5mm

Since 6.95€/UNID

powder tracer

Since 3.25€/UNID

Multicolored adhesive tapes

Since 6.57€/UNID

stainless compass quick release nut

Since 20.17€/UNID

stainless compass quick release nut

Since 19.22€/UNID

stainless compass quick release nut

Since 22.72€/UNID

metallic compass - pencil holderquick release nut, pencil 8mm

Since 24.88€/UNID

compass stainless - Pointed tips

Since 39.09€/UNID

compass- reversible

Since 51.30€/UNID

compass- Masters of dance

Since 81.77€/UNID

compass gabarit

Since 67.12€/UNID

compass cravate

Since 46.24€/UNID

Standard level rectangular

Since 21.49€/UNID


Since 39.08€/UNID

Flask level

Since 6.00€/UNID

Square builder

Since 14.67€/UNID

Carpenter's corner

Since 47.75€/UNID

square tile

Since 65.84€/UNID

False bracket alu

Since 49.89€/UNID

Square builder alu

Since 42.67€/UNID

Angle bracket

Since 18.91€/UNID

double angle bracket

Since 49.18€/UNID

Straight square and miter blade steel heel plastic

Since 11.54€/UNID

False caliper with slide heel wood

Since 20.89€/UNID

False caliper with slide heel wood 2

Since 25.73€/UNID

False caliper with slide plastic heel -

Since 8.49€/UNID

False bracket slide wood heel with 1 granules brass

Since 22.55€/UNID

Precision angle 1/25e

Since 18.15€/UNID

Point to plot

Since 4.19€/UNID

Point to plot Ø6mm

Since 4.78€/UNID

thread size

Since 7.52€/UNID

Flexible stainless steel

Since 2.35€/UNID

carpenter's gauge

Since 12.03€/UNID


Since 54.82€/UNID


Since 37.43€/UNID

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