Masks and goggles protection

face mask

Since 9.01€/50 UNID

masksFFP1 protection. fine solid particles not toxic (dust, coal, etc ...) ...

Since 2.88€/UNID

mask FFP2

Since 0.61€/UNID

masks with valveFFP2 protection. fine particles of non-ferrous metals SOLID, welding f...

Since 6.59€/UNID

paint sprayers' mask

Since 13.83€/UNID

full-vision gas mask

Since 2.94€/UNID

protective gogglescolorless polycarbonateside edge and top to protect against unwanted p...

Since 3.90€/UNID

protective goggleswith ventilation perforation, polycarbonate screen and adjustable elas...

Since 3.89€/UNID

protective gogglesAnti-UV treatment + sun protectionpolycarbonate darkened with antirefl...

Since 12.16€/UNID

glasses welderwith display stand, aeration drilling and elastic adjustableCE EN175

Since 23.48€/UNID

protective glasses with side protection

Since 13.65€/UNID

eye rinsing bottle

Since 11.93€/UNID

protective visor

Since 12.24€/UNID

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