gypsum finish

tuforte FT acabamentolevelling of indoor walls and ceilings

Since 1.14€/KG

tuforte G enchimentolevelling of indoor walls and ceilings

Since 0.96€/KG

tuforte juntasjointing and finishing mortar

Since 0.84€/KG

tuforte finishfinishing mortar

Since 1.12€/KG

tuforte srrapid drying bitumen for interiors, fills cracks and holes

Since 2.02€/KG

tuforte sintéticoadjustment of walls and ceiling of interior

Since 1.70€/KG

finishing plaster - marufino

Since 0.30€/KG

max-fino - esyedebro

Since 0.34€/KG

mecafino plus

Since 0.39€/KG

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