butterfly bushplastic

Since 7.31€/CAIXA

self-drilling bush - metalic

Since 29.72€/CAIXA

self-drilling bush - plastic

Since 10.59€/CAIXA

metal bushØ6 - brass

Since 7.36€/CAIXA

threaded rod - Ø6

Since 0.43€/ML

Bushing tapit with convex ring

Since 2.60€/SACO

tapit bushing

Since 5.71€/CAIXA

tapit bushing golpfix

Since 6.59€/CAIXA

expansion anchor

Since 17.07€/CAIXA

NAIL - steel for concrete

Since 7.68€/CAIXA

perforated tape - steel

Since 8.59€/ROLO

toilet installation support - plasterboard

Since 127.87€/UNID

sink installation support - plasterboard

Since 93.00€/UNID

bidet installation support - plasterboard

Since 117.70€/UNID

electricity box - plasterboard walls

Since 2.45€/UNID

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