perforated tape - steel

Since 9.31€/ROLO

double spring regulator rod ø4mm

Since 64.81€/CAIXA

hook rod

Since 22.64€/CAIXA

rod suspension suport - Ø6

Since 12.80€/CAIXA

suspension clip

Since 142.56€/CAIXA

CLIP 1,5 - 4mm

Since 48.49€/CAIXA

clip horizontal

Since 43.71€/CAIXA

CLIP - 1,5 a 4mm

Since 110.92€/CAIXA

clip 1,5 - 4mm

Since 121.17€/CAIXA

clip Ø6mm 1,5 a 5mm

Since 124.73€/CAIXA

clip Ø4mm 1,5 a 10mm

Since 170.59€/CAIXA

clip 1,5-10mm

Since 56.78€/CAIXA

clip 1,5-10mm

Since 158.97€/CAIXA

CLIP strap - box 500

Since 261.76€/CAIXA


Since 92.18€/CAIXA

clip aligator

Since 89.58€/CAIXA

clip mordaca

Since 133.04€/CAIXA

clip mordaca

Since 109.36€/CAIXA

swinging arm

Since 16.57€/CAIXA

harpoon arm

Since 18.72€/CAIXA

Tipper Spike

Since 51.66€/CAIXA

Tipper Hook

Since 53.95€/CAIXA

Harpoon Hook

Since 55.19€/CAIXA

Harpoon Spike

Since 50.69€/CAIXA

anchorage-light ø8mm

Since 23.80€/CAIXA

impact anchorageø6mm

Since 24.40€/CAIXA

ANCHORAGE- suspension clip on solid materials

Since 17.59€/CAIXA

shrimp ring closed

Since 44.11€/CAIXA

omega anchor - Ø6

Since 19.05€/CAIXA


Since 14.74€/CAIXA


Since 88.54€/CAIXA

suspension (to cut)

Since 2.21€/UNID


Since 31.54€/CAIXA

fixer TC47

Since 156.59€/CAIXA

pivot47mm; 60mm

Since 11.76€/CAIXA

cavalier 47 (gramperfil)

Since 15.90€/CAIXA

crossarmceiling profile

Since 12.72€/CAIXA

rubber acoustic insulating47 - Ø6 - phosphated and oiled (12 a 36 kg)

Since 293.91€/CAIXA

acoustic insulator - inclined ceiling

Since 536.53€/CAIXA

threaded rod - Ø6

Since 0.46€/ML

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