• desactivante  topeca
  • desactivante  topeca

desactivante topeca

Desativante Topeca is for produce architectural concrete floors. Allows a perfect regularity of support, easy to wash. Desativante Topeca acts on the surface of fresh concrete functioning as an inhibitor of the concrete surface. The Desativante Topeca does not change the color of concrete, ready to use product.

Price with tax
Designation Stock Unit price with tax IVA Unit. Pack Box Pallet
DESACTIVANTE TOPECA - 20 LITROS order 11.04€ / KG 23.00% 13.58€ / KG 271.58€ / 20KG - -
DESACTIVANTE TOPECA - 5 LITROS order 13.27€ / KG 23.00% 16.32€ / KG 81.61€ / 5KG - -

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