• topeca  floor natural
  • topeca  floor natural

topeca floor natural

rounded aggregate decorative paving

Topeca Floor Natural is a porous paving system ideal to apply: in landscaping projects, pedestrian areas, pavements, house accesses, decorative areas, roundabouts, circular earths dams (lets water through), cemeteries, decorative designs on paving, gravel curb next to houses, cycling paths, public and private areas, interiors and exteriors. Topeca Floor Natural is a product composed of two-component resin which is added to natural inerts, forming a very permeable decorative mortar. It can be used with 2/6mm natural aggregates (on Cycle Paths, Pedestrian Areas) up to 32/56mm (for decoration). Resistant to ice and salt, stops the surfacing of weeds, resistant to abrasion and pressure cleaning, respects the environment. Topeca Floor Natural has the advantages of: - Hardening and binding natural aggregates. - Not causing thinning out, therefore, keeping the original aspect of aesthetic designs, decoration, garden and landscapes. Making them safer. - Making cleaning easier, preventing the loss of gravel. - Makes the surfacing of weeds harder. - Resistant to very humid environments - Odourless. - Doesn't change the ground's permeability.

Price with tax
Designation Stock Unit price with tax IVA Pack Box Pallet
TOPECA floor natural Kit comp. B=0,90kg 31.18€ / UNID 23.00% 38.35€ / 1UNID - -
componente C - catalysator 10 g (juntaemcor natural e topeca floor natural) 3.08€ / UNID 23.00% 3.79€ / 1UNID - -

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