cleaning products


Since 3.75€/LT

Toplimpa ExtraProduct lime scale cleaning

Since 9.84€/LT

instant remover fila 750ml

Since 12.18€/UNID

marble restorer fila

Since 83.52€/UNID

norust fila

Since 14.94€/UNID

toplimpa bioproduct active and safe cleaning for user

Since 16.85€/LT

universal stripper

Since 19.36€/UNID

wood stripper

Since 17.34€/UNID

metals stripper

Since 17.34€/UNID

decap facil stripper

Since 25.09€/UNID

topnet elimina la suciedad de las plantas

Since 1.48€/KG

roof tiles cleaning

Since 3.38€/LT

terraces cleaner

Since 19.88€/UNID

champoo for floor

Since 15.83€/UNID

decatop ceras

Since 6.63€/LT

topeca D-pur

Since 7.13€/LT

deterdek fila

Since 10.97€/LT


Since 15.09€/LT

filaphzero - fila

Since 16.49€/UNID

filaps87 - fila

Since 28.77€/UNID

filavia bagno - fila

Since 10.37€/UNID

fuganet - fila

Since 11.94€/UNID

salvaterrazza fasezero - fila

Since 31.59€/UNID

filaactive1 - fila

Since 15.28€/UNID

filafuego - fila

Since 11.96€/UNID

filazero sil - fila

Since 22.80€/UNID

stainless cleaner Cleans and shines in stainless steel equipment, polished and painted a...

Since 8.73€/UNID

plunger pipes Solvent mud, grease and paper. unclogging collectors fat, skeptical fo...

Since 11.55€/UNID

plunger pipes - liquid acidPlunger to pipes and drains. Immediate effect.

Since 10.42€/UNID

cleaner glasses heat exchangersRemove any dirt on glasses of heat exchangers. Also used in kitchen ap...

Since 5.73€/UNID

oil and grease removerCleaning of industrial floors, engine parts, ...

Since 6.95€/UNID

domestic degreaserDegreasing ready for use. Cleaning of counters, metal furniture, filte...

Since 3.04€/UNID

floor sanitizer

Since 1.76€/LT

HYDRO BLOCK clean soudal

Since 9.02€/UNID

surface disinfectant

Since 2.48€/LT

textile disinfectant

Since 5.50€/LT

disinfectant hand cream Soap Germ Plus

Since 3.91€/LT

70% alcohol gel

Since 3.91€/UNID

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