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  • toporo


porosity regulating primer

Regulates the porosity of the surface before the application of levelling mortars, selflevelling flowing screeds (avoids bubbles forming) and adhesives. Improves the adherence of mortars and strengthens the cohesion of the surface on low resistance paving. Deep penetration into the surface providing high stability. Good bonding with pigments and powders. Forms a film with high mechanical resistance. Ecological product.

Price with tax
Designation Stock Unit price with tax IVA Unit. Pack Box Pallet
TOPORO - 5 KG 5.58€ / KG 23.00% 6.86€ / KG 34.32€ / 5KG - -
TOPORO - 5 KG 11.92€ / KG 23.00% 14.66€ / 1KG - -

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