juntaemcor colour joints for mosaic, tiles and bathroom fittings from 1 to 10mm

Since 0.82€/KG

juntaemcor colormix

Since 7.32€/KG

juntaemcor plus+ mortar for joints of 5 to 30mm

Since 0.65€/KG

juntaemcor extra mortar for joints of 30 to 100mm

Since 0.60€/KG

juntaemcor piscina mortar for joints of 2 to 10mm

Since 2.72€/KG

Juntaemcor dryDry mortar for joints

Since 0.34€/KG

renovador de juntas

Since 12.08€/KG

itop teste antimancha

Since 4.21€/LT

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