ceramic profiles special angles

profile protrim IPA

Since 6.19€/ML

schluter finec AC

Since 7.32€/ML

schluter finec AE

Since 6.63€/ML

Decorative groove profiledecorative groove profile in natural anodised aluminum or chrome

Since 6.26€/UNID

deco SG - AE

Since 23.57€/ML

escocia profile - stainless steel - to glue35x35mm; radius=18mm - 2,5m bar

Since 26.15€/ML

escocia profile - stainless steel7mm; 9mm; 11mm; radius=18,5mm - 2,5m bar

Since 9.70€/UNID

escocia profile - pvctiles up to 10mm thickness - 2,6m bar

Since 0.93€/M

escocia profile - stainless steeltiles up to 10mm thickness - 2,5m bar

Since 26.15€/ML

internal angle profilewhite pvc - 2,7m bar

Since 3.30€/UNID

flexible pvc profile

Since 2.78€/ML

bath profilegluing before or after the ceramic application - 1,83m bar

Since 2.55€/M

bath profile pluswhite pvc - with adhesive strip - 2,5m bar

Since 7.12€/UNID

Profile exterior angle ECK-Estainless profile for corners on walls protection. The perforated prof...

Since 44.48€/ML

Perfil ángulo exteriorStainless profile to protect corners on walls. Bonded with liquid nail...

Since 31.48€/ML

angle profile - aluminium20x20mm - 2,5m bar

Since 6.91€/M

angle profile - pvc12x12mm; 15x15mm; 25x25mm - white - 2,5m bar

Since 2.72€/M

profile 8611

Since 3.06€/M

beveled profilealuminum profile shot with beveled corner of 45 ° with option of havi...

Since 12.76€/ML

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