dilation profile and cover joints

dilatation profile

Since 4.13€/ML

dilatation profile - dilex MP

Since 3.99€/ML

screed joint profile

Since 2.61€/ML

profile dilex-EP

Since 16.81€/ML

dilatation profile - thin coatings

Since 39.13€/ML

dilatation profile dilex BT

Since 48.55€/ML

profile dilex-EDP

Since 50.20€/ML

dilatation profile - dilex-AKSBT / dilex-EKSBT

Since 24.37€/ML

profile dilex-AKSN

Since 27.20€/ML

profile dilex EKSN

Since 53.54€/ML

ditatation profile -5mm-2 tabs

Since 8.07€/ML

dilatation profile - 10mm - 2 tabs

Since 9.23€/ML

ditatation profile dilex BWA

Since 8.36€/ML

profile dilex KSA

Since 16.48€/ML

dilatation profile - dilex EK

Since 15.12€/ML

profile dilex-EF

Since 9.57€/ML

profile dilex - HKW

Since 5.60€/UNID

cover joints profile proclassic R

Since 8.63€/ML

T profile

Since 4.24€/ML

Profile cover joint proclassic FDesigned primarily to hide imperfections caused by the fittings and cu...

Since 5.76€/ML

dilatation profile dilex BTS

Since 52.20€/ML

cover joints profile - white

Since 3.44€/UNID

cover angle joints profile

Since 3.44€/UNID

movement bead 3m bar

Since 20.63€/ML

Dilation profile for plastering and monomass in white pvcFor expansion to plaster and monomass in white pvcOverall width with f...

Since 6.27€/ML

movement bead - PVC with mesh 2,5m bar

Since 22.83€/ML

profile dilat 40/60

Since 608.22€/UNID

swelling rubber profile 10m roll

Since 18.78€/ML

profile joint expansion in internal concrete

Since 19.25€/ML

profile sealing gasket construction and concreting

Since 16.26€/ML

profile joint expansion in the outer concrete

Since 34.44€/ML

dilatation profile

Since 2.04€/ML

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