profiles plasterboard ceilings continuous

ceiling profile lisse

Since 1.35€/ML

ceiling profile47mm; 60mm

Since 1.13€/ML

coupling47mm; 60mm

Since 7.31€/CAIXA

pivot47mm; 60mm

Since 6.56€/CAIXA

suspension ruler profile3m bar

Since 2.45€/ML

angle profile 30x30; 40x30galvanized - 3m bar

Since 0.76€/ML

double L profile - white lacqueredgalvanized - 3m bar

Since 2.20€/ML

T profilePVC - hight=9mm - perfurated tab=18mm; non-perforated tab=22mm -...

Since 0.70€/ML

Z profilepvc; galvanized - 3m bar

Since 0.81€/ML

double Z profilegalvanized - 3m bar

Since 1.64€/ML

white pvc Z profile

Since 1.66€/ML

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