thermal insulation profile

Profile reduction or increase of thicknesses for eticsProfile in pvc without fiberglass for reductions and increase of thick...

Since 2.58€/ML

corner bead - aluminium with meshAluminum corner profile with fiberglass net for thermal insulation - b...

Since 1.34€/M

corner bead - pvcCorner profile with roll netFiberglass net 12,5x12,5cm

Since 3.28€/ML

corner bead - PVC with meshCorner profile in white pvc triangular holes - 2.5m bar6x9cm fiberglas...

Since 0.70€/ML

Corner profile for bows and curvesCorner profile in pvc with netFiber glass network 8x12cm

Since 2.15€/ML

couvernet console Th

Since 0.00€/

cover bead - aluminiumProfile cover in aluminum to cover the top of the insulation in window...

Since 11.82€/ML

Decorative groove profile for eticsProfile in white pvc 32/30 / 23mm5mm mortar fillers

Since 3.19€/ML

dripnose bead - PVC6mm - 2,5m bar

Since 3.60€/ML

dripnose bead - PVC6mm - 2,5m bar

Since 1.54€/ML

movement bead - PVC with mesh 2,5m bar

Since 22.83€/ML

stop bead - aluminium1mm thick aluminum side profile for thermal insulation stops - 2.5m ba...

Since 7.29€/ML

Y profile for insulation cornersCorner profile in white pvc 40x40mm in Y shape with fiberglass net 12,...

Since 5.10€/ML

starter base profile - aluminium3cm; 4cm; 5cm; 6cm; 8cm; 10cm; 12cm; 16cm; 20cm - 2,5m bar

Since 2.13€/ML

clip on profile - starter base profileFor clip and adapt to profile aluminum boot with pvc and fiberglass ne...

Since 3.26€/ML

perfil de zócalo - pvcIn pvc adjustable up to 24cm thickness (according to part I or II)

Since 3.68€/ML

wedges - started base profile

Since 22.93€/CAIXA

union started base profile

Since 34.71€/CAIXA

bush with nail

Since 27.08€/CAIXA

render stop bead - PVC with meshthickness = 6mm - 2,5m bar

Since 2.39€/ML

reveal bead - PVC with meshthickness = 6mm - barra 2,6m

Since 2.73€/ML

profile protègenet

Since 3.35€/UNID

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