acoustic insulation

Cork Plaque

Since 4.22€/UNID

aglomex acoustic FR

Since 8.67€/M2

aglomex acoustic standard

Since 13.79€/M2

soundflex acoustic pyramid 70/20mm PUR

Since 7.93€/UNID

soundflex acoustic tablet 40/20mm PUR

Since 4.55€/UNID

soundflex acoustic waffle 40/20mm PUR

Since 4.40€/UNID

soundflex acoustic wave 30/15mm PUR

Since 2.89€/UNID


Since 2.78€/M2

polyethylene foam foam to a large universe of applications

Since 0.48€/M2


Since 1.27€/M2

polyethylene foam +PEBD

Since 0.71€/M2

cork roll

Since 3.12€/M2

underlay amorim pro 10

Since 2.92€/M2

underlay amorim pro 80

Since 2.69€/M2

underlay amorim pro 85

Since 3.25€/M2

underlay amorim pro 15ceramic and laminate floors

Since 4.70€/M2

underlay amorim eco21dBceramic and laminate floors

Since 5.63€/M2


Since 13.68€/M2

tecsound FT55 - aluminium

Since 21.41€/M2

tecsound Self-adhesive

Since 11.23€/M2

tecsound tube

Since 10.98€/ML

tecsound S50 Band 50

Since 2.80€/ML

acoustic membrane MAD

Since 6.03€/M2

multi-layer acoustic panelsynthetic high density blade and very low thicknesses

Since 18.72€/M2

rockfon panel tabique plenum

Since 30.68€/M2

perimetral strap foam 1cm thick and 10cm high

Since 29.42€/UNID

perimetral band for screedsPolyethylene with adhesive tape

Since 1.28€/ML

expansion joint for screeds

Since 14.24€/UNID

acoustic blade - ditra soudPolyethylene blade coated with geotextile 55 x75cm. Thickness 3,5 mm.

Since 36.17€/M2

soudal 22A

Since 9.56€/KG

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