cover and accessories

wavy profiled sheet Thickness 0.5 mmWhite: RAL 9010 / Cream: RAL 9015 / Green: RAL 6005 / ...

Since 16.43€/M2

tile - guttascudo creolFinal thermoplastic tile.2,14mm thickness - 4,28 kg/m2

Since 69.62€/UNID


Since 29.85€/ML

Ridge for curved tile

Since 89.56€/UNID

ridge multipurpose

Since 238.28€/UNID

Pair of ridges

Since 119.43€/PAR

Multipurpose terminal ridge 3-way

Since 39.56€/UNID

terminal - Ridge For curve tile

Since 19.93€/UNID

Multipurpose terminal ridge

Since 19.93€/UNID

profiled multipurpose

Since 88.09€/UNID

shot up profile

Since 11.19€/ML

shot profile

Since 13.43€/ML

Respirator of ventilation

Since 4.48€/UNID

euroband W

Since 20.61€/ROLO

perspirant membraneWaterproof membrane

Since 1.22€/M2

vapor barrier membrane screen

Since 2.56€/M2

isolation reflected spacereflex 41

Since 2.52€/M2

reflected isolation spacereflex SR41roofing insulation and conduits

Since 4.15€/M2

self adhesive waterproofing bandbutyl tape and aluminum. application in facades and roofs.

Since 20.38€/ROLO

waterproof self-adhesive tape Onduband PRO

Since 78.49€/ROLO

polyurethane mastic for fixing tiles ONDUFLEX

Since 8.79€/UNID

silicone sealant - polyurethaneAdheres to damp surfaces. Can be painted.

Since 5.36€/UNID

scare birds device

Since 0.82€/UNID

Anti-birds- Metal ruler

Since 14.92€/UNID

Hook to Concrete

Since 0.74€/UNID

Hook Retainer

Since 1.11€/UNID

Retention hook

Since 0.43€/UNID

Retention hook

Since 0.43€/UNID

hook tilePre-enameled aluminum hook, for anchoring ridge tiles.

Since 0.90€/UNID

zinc blade for joistTo fix on the top of wood or concrete.

Since 89.56€/CAIXA

Capsules for attachment tile curves, profiles and gables

Since 56.73€/CAIXA

Capsules for attachment corrugated tile

Since 82.11€/CAIXA

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