waterproofing and roofing



powder damp proofing for mortars and concrete

Impermeabilizante Topeca is a powder additive for use in all jobs involving concrete or cement mortars. Especially recommended as an additive for cement wall covering/ mortars used for resolving water infiltration problems on end walls, basements, water deposits, swimming pools, paving, outdoor walls, underground car parks, elevator wells, tunnels, foundations, screed mortar, etc. Damp-proofs, provides mortar and concrete with greater plasticity, makes concrete more uniform allowing easier and more efficient work. Reduces probability of appearance of micro-fissures. Enables even drying of mortar.

Price with tax
Designation Stock Unit price with tax IVA Pack Box Pallet
IMPERMEABILIZANTE TOPECA® 1KG 2.89€ / KG 23.00% 3.55€ / 1KG 42.66€ / 12KG -

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