bituminous waterproofing

imperkote F imperalum

Since 2.26€/KG

textopMonocomponent sealing resin, polyurethane bitumen for waterproofing ro...

Since 21.03€/KG

topeca drybitumen coating for damp proofing of subsoil construction

Since 2.12€/KG

emufal D soprema

Since 1.77€/KG

imperkote L imperalumimperkote L imperalum

Since 3.37€/KG

joinfal soprema

Since 3.62€/ML

natural slate granules

Since 2.32€/KG

transifal C-40 soprema

Since 2.95€/KG

asphalt screen - aluminiumbituminous asphalt canvas with aluminium.

Since 5.63€/M2

asphalt canvas - polyester fiberOxidized bituminous asphalt canvas. Plastic finish.

Since 4.23€/M2

bituminous asphalt canvas - fiberglassOxidized bituminous asphalt canvasPlastic finish.

Since 3.20€/M2

shale asphalt canvas - polyester Mineral bituminous asphalt canvas . Shale finish

Since 5.30€/M2

polyester self-adhesive asphalt fabric

Since 9.90€/M2

COLTACK EVOLUTION expansive liquid glue

Since 12.02€/KG

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