flexible and / or waterproof paintings

topeca MS primer

Since 21.76€/UNID

topelastic MS cristal

Since 27.06€/UNID


Since 20.39€/LT

topelastic acrylicWaterproof and flexible

Since 8.01€/KG

topelastic traficcoating waterproof and flexible with abrasion resistance

Since 8.08€/KG

topelastic verniz flexwaterproof coating, flexible and transparent

Since 22.78€/KG

emulsur - N assa

Since 1.49€/KG

topeca drybitumen coating for damp proofing of subsoil construction

Since 2.26€/KG

imperkote F imperalum

Since 2.58€/KG

imperkote L imperalumimperkote L imperalum

Since 3.69€/KG

soprema texprimer A+B

Since 24.78€/KG

texpur soprema

Since 11.51€/KG

texcap FT

Since 47.21€/KG

emufal D soprema

Since 2.03€/KG

alsan flashing quadro

Since 19.29€/KG


Since 10.79€/KG

textopMonocomponent sealing resin, polyurethane bitumen for waterproofing ro...

Since 11.38€/KG

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