waterproofing and roofing

  • topelastic  trafic
  • topelastic  trafic

topelastic trafic

coating waterproof and flexible with abrasion resistance

Single componente, waterproof coating, flexible and passable (pedestrian). Waterproofing and roof repairs, new small terraces (< 30m2), balcony, sloped surfaces, tiles, cement. Permeable to water vapour. Easy to apply, such as a plastic paint. Not altered by weathering and resists ultraviolet rays. Great elasticity and perfect adhesion to the substrate. Form a continuous coating that requires no gaskets, cover small cracks and penetrates into every pore. Serves as a decorative finish. Topelastic trafic promotes anti-slip finish. Aqueous product, free of solvents.

Price with tax
Designation Stock Unit price with tax IVA Unit. Pack Box Pallet
TOPELASTIC traffic - grey color - 20kg 4.9€ / KG 23.00% 6.03€ / KG 120.54€ / 20KG - -
TOPELASTIC traffic - tile color - 20kg 4.9€ / KG 23.00% 6.03€ / KG 120.54€ / 20KG - -

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