waterproofing and roofing

  • topelastic  K2
  • topelastic  K2

topelastic K2

elastic waterproof mortar and transitable

Damp-proofing of balconies, verandas, wine cellars, basements and elevator wells. Impermeable covering for walls subject to water pressure and contra-pressure and surfaces with light traffic (pedestrians). Bonds all types of ceramics, natural stone (granite, marble, limestone) on any type of substrate, outdoors or indoors. (Façades and paving). Does not require any covering (resistant to abrasion and wear) Resistant to ultraviolet rays.

Price with tax
Designation Stock Unit price with tax IVA Unit. Pack Box Pallet
TOPelastic® K2 component B 7,4kg 4.60€ / KG 23.00% 5.66€ / KG 41.87€ / 7.4KG - 2512.15€ / 444KG
TOPelastic® K2 component A 20kg 0.27€ / KG 23.00% 0.33€ / KG 6.64€ / 20.0KG - 398.52€ / 1200KG

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